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We are members of TEPA (Texas Electricity Professionals Association) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We are a PUCT (Public Utility Commission of Texas) registered aggregator No. 80219, and are an approved vendor for the State of Texas, Texas Building and Procurement Commission.

Why TPC?

At Texas Power Consultants we understand not everyone needs to employ an energy consulting/management company. Some companies use in-house resources for their energy management needs. However, most businesses focus on core competencies, while outsourcing non-core functions to trusted professionals for improving operational excellence.

Examples of functions that are commonly out-sourced are insurance, legal, and accounting services. The functions of procurement and management of energy supply has become critical due to the complexity of today's energy markets.

The following are three reasons why you should use Texas Power Consultants if you do not employ resources specific to the procurement and management of your energy.

Experience & Knowledge

  • Our experience and knowledge allows you to devote valuable resources to what you do best. We devote our experience and knowledge to what we do best which is energy procurement/management.
  • PUCT and ERCOT rules change. It takes a great deal of time to keep up with these changes. We do it for you!
  • We have over twenty years of negotiating, sales, and product knowledge in the deregulated retail electricity market from which to draw upon and more than sixty years experience in both the utility and retail segments of the electricity industry.
  • We understand the Texas electricity market better than our competitors. From negotiating complex electricity contracts to facilitating the process of having a meter set at a client facility we can do it all. We are the whole package!
  • We have negotiated hundreds of fixed, index, and hybrid pricing structures as well as a like amount of contract terms and condition language. WE KNOW CONTRACTING!
  • We match the customer needs to the best possible pricing structure for optimum value.

Strategies & Savings

  • We know from experience that not all customers are alike and therefore require individual pricing strategies. We specialize in identifying and matching pricing structures to individual customer needs.
  • We caution against "Economy of Scale" or "Aggregate" purchasing unless customer usage patterns are very similar. Customers with less efficient load patterns are subsidized by customers with more efficient load patterns. As a state approved aggregator (PUCT Registration # 80219), we will group customers in a "buying pool" if load patterns dictate.
  • We provide complete RFP/RFQ services including contract negotiation and review. This can eliminate the need for outside legal services to be employed by the customer.

Service & Value

  • We provide timely analysis and commentary of market trends, new pricing strategies, and a review of customer performance.
  • We facilitate energy audits, efficiency projects, power factor analysis/correction and other energy related services. We provide billing audits to ensure accuracy of contract and tariff charges.
  • We provide expert dispute resolution capabilities, service establishment/removal assistance, and outage notification assistance.