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Featured New Client, GenCore

Genesis Building

"When you construct a new home for your growing company, it's like trying to change the tires on a bus while it is rolling down the highway at 60mph! There are, to say the least, many plates spinning at one time. I dreaded the thought of doing all of the necessary homework to find the best deal on the power for our office. Then I heard about Texas Power Consultants. After one meeting I knew this 'plate' would be managed by someone that knew how to do the job. Jack Bailey and his team watched our progress and at the appropriate time shopped for the best and the right power deal. When we had a mini-crisis on a Saturday to get the power to the building activated for the first time, the TPC made the right calls and helped drive a solution to our need, that day. Thank you TPC! "

--Phil Burks, CEO, GenCore, LLC (corporategreentyler.com)

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