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Electricity Procurement

We've been there since Day 1! The Texas electricity industry was deregulated as of January 1, 2002 but the team at TPC was negotiating and executing power contracts long in advance of the market opening. By having negotiated some of the first power contracts offered in the Texas deregulated electricity market, our team gained unique knowledge and experience that is critical to understanding and managing electricity contracts. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you!

Power Factor Correction

Facilities that operate large equipment such as motors, and other large electrical loads usually experience a reduced Power Factor. This inefficiency in operations results in increased utility charges seen on monthly electricity bills. As long as your local utility bills for power factor inefficiency, it does not matter whether your facility is located in a competitive or non-competitive area. Our team can provide the expertise to identify and correct low power factors. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Predominant Use Studies

Your facility may be exempt from paying state sales taxes on electricity and natural gas for certain industrial processes. By law, a "Predominant Use Study" must be performed if your facility qualifies for the exemption. Let us help you determine if your business process qualifies. Utilizing our network of industry experts, we can provide the on-site study, plus file the proper forms with the state and the local utility. We have assisted clients in the recovery of literally thousands of dollars in sales taxes that were unnecessarily paid.

Energy Audits

How can I save on my power bill? One way is by the use of an energy audit. We can arrange an energy audit of your facility in order to determine areas for needed improvement. We can assist you in selecting reputable, experienced suppliers to replace inefficient equipment. Our network of experts and suppliers can provide everything from a simple report to a turnkey energy efficiency project. We can also help provide the required documentation needed to qualify for utility sponsored energy efficiency rebate programs as well as grant writing assistance for qualification for other energy efficiency rebate programs.

Other Services

There are many other ancillary services available from our TPC team. Contact us for any questions concerning your electricity needs!